Boxford CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Excellence: Precision at Its Finest Review 2023

The Boxford laser cutter

Experience Precision and Versatility with Our CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machines

Elevate your craft to new heights with our exceptional range of non-metal laser machines. Engineered to meet Boxford’s exacting specifications, these cutting-edge devices deliver seamless integration and user-friendly operation, enabling you to produce work of the highest standards.

Unlock boundless creative possibilities with our fully equipped BGL laser range. Each machine boasts Lightburn laser software and a cutting-edge 4K camera, allowing for precise design positioning, effortless image tracing, and real-time monitoring. With these advanced features at your fingertips, your artistic vision will come to life like never before.

The Boxford laser cutter CO2 mixed material lasers offer a comprehensive set of features

  • Integrated water cooling system for optimal CO2 laser performance
  • Air assist system with integrated compressor for enhanced cutter results
  • Oxygen air inlet and pressure gauge for efficient metal cutting
  • Digital automatic height adjustment and capacitance calibration for precise metal cutting (metal cutting models only)
  • Windows software supporting a wide range of file formats, including DXF, JPEG, BMP, AI, and more
  • Pre-configured and fully editable parameter library for customized settings
  • 12-month machine warranty and reliable UK after-sales support

With a suite of included accessories, you’ll have everything you need to unleash your creativity:

  • Integrated laser source cooling system for continuous operation
  • Air assist system with integrated compressor for optimal performance
  • Removable slats for metal cutting and a honeycomb table for non-metal cutting versatility
  • Basic extraction fan and hose for external venting
  • Windows software and drivers supporting popular file formats such as AI, JPEG, BMP, DXF, and more
  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty covering laser systems, parts, and labor (excluding consumable items)

Embark on a journey of precision and excellence. Choose our CO2 laser cutting & engraving machines and witness the transformation of your creative vision into reality.

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