Enhance Engraving Precision: Genmitsu Jinsoku Laser Rotary Attachment Review 2024

Jinsoku Laser Rotary for Laser Engraver

The excellent performance of the Genmitsu Jinsoku Laser Rotary, an innovative accessory amplifying the capabilities of laser engravers. This attachment offers unparalleled precision and versatility in etching designs onto cylindrical objects, elevating the potential of your creative endeavors. With a seamless integration process and top-tier functionality, the Jinsoku Laser Rotary is a game-changer in the engraving landscape.

This remarkable accessory requires minimal setup, providing a hassle-free plug-and-play experience that eliminates the need for assembly or intricate roller adjustments. Seamlessly compatible with the Jinsoku LC-40 Laser Engraver, this rotary attachment expands the engraving scope to cylindrical surfaces, including wine glasses, pens, tumblers, mugs, and various other objects.

Harnessing dual-motor technology, the Genmitsu Jinsoku Laser Rotary ensures superior precision while engraving, minimizing the risk of step losses and enhancing overall accuracy. Its unique design allows it to accommodate larger materials up to 45mm in height and handle elongated objects with a diameter of up to 390mm.

In this comprehensive review, witness firsthand the excellent performance of the Genmitsu Jinsoku Laser Rotary as it revolutionizes the engraving experience, offering unmatched precision and expanded creative opportunities.

Jinsoku Laser Rotary Attachment for Laser Engraver

Experience Seamless Integration

The Jinsoku LC-40 Rotary Attachment offers hassle-free installation without the need for assembly or roller distance adjustments. This plug-and-play addition swiftly empowers your Jinsoku LC-40 Laser Engraver for cylindrical object engraving, ensuring a convenient and efficient setup.

Firmware Flexibility

Operate the LC-40 Rotary seamlessly through the user-friendly mobile application using custom firmware. For advanced settings, leverage LaserGRBL and LightBurn compatibility with the GRBL Firmware, allowing fine-tuning of engraving parameters for precise results.

Enhanced Precision and Stability

With a dual motor-driven mechanism, the LC-40 Rotary ensures superior engraving accuracy while significantly minimizing the risk of step losses, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Expanded Material Versatility

The compact driver design optimizes Z-axis space, accommodating materials up to 45mm in height. Its innovative roller design enables the engraving of remarkably lengthy materials with diameters of up to 390mm, expanding the range of creative possibilities.

Versatile Compatibility

This Rotary Roller Attachment is designed to seamlessly work with Jinsoku LC-40 5W/10W and Jinsoku Z3/Z4 models exclusively. It offers compatibility with an extensive array of cylindrical objects such as wine glasses, tumblers, pens, mugs, and more, offering versatility for diverse engraving needs.

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Jinsoku Laser Rotary Attachment Review 2024
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Jinsoku Laser Rotary Attachment Review 2024
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