Genmitsu 4040-PRO Review 2024: Crafting Precision Redefined

Having recently acquired the Genmitsu CNC Machine, I must express my admiration for its exceptional build quality. Setting it up was a breeze, a mere 15-20 minutes from start to finish. Crafted from premium-grade steel, the frame exudes durability, ensuring a seamless assembly process. A delightful discovery was the spoilboard, consisting of two distinct MDF boards that can be singularly replaced, negating the necessity for a complete spoilboard overhaul if any panel suffers damage.

Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 4040-PRO

Genmitsu 4040-PRO CNC: Effective Working Area

Featuring an expansive effective working area measuring 15.7” x 15.7” x 3.1”, the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO stands as an optimal selection catering to those requiring abundant space for diverse CNC endeavors. The revamped Z-axis carriage simplifies spindle exchanges, incorporating additional screw holes on the non-all-in-one Z-axis carriage, facilitating the installation of a larger spindle at a heightened position for increased overfeed height. This substantial workspace, coupled with hassle-free spindle alterations, empowers users to swiftly and adeptly tackle a myriad of projects—be it cutting, carving, or engraving—with the precision and accuracy necessitated for success.

The expansive working area of 15.7” x 15.7” x 3.1” caters aptly to a diverse array of daily wood carving projects. The revamped Z-axis carriage streamlines spindle interchangeability. With additional screw holes on the non-all-in-one Z-axis carriage, mounting a larger spindle higher ensures extra overfeed height for enhanced versatility.

Genmitsu 4040-PRO CNC: Steel HSS Frame

Crafted from two 16mm Steel HSS linear tubes alongside a lead screw motion drive, dual Y axis rails, and an all-metal framework, the freshly revamped structure of the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO represents a sturdy option suited for diverse projects. This newly engineered high-rigidity architecture guarantees the stability and precision of the CNC machine, bestowing users with a steadfast and enduring tool. The steel HSS frame further fortifies the machine, enabling it to navigate through hefty tasks effortlessly while maintaining accuracy and stability intact. Endowed with such a robust structure, the 4040-PRO stands poised to tackle any task thrown its way with unwavering reliability.

Upgraded Function Ports

Built upon the open-source Grbl v1.1 foundation, the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO introduces a realm of customization options.1, now elevated with the integration of advanced Toshiba TB6S109 drivers boasting 32-bit chips, ensuring not only enhanced power but also a whisper-quiet operation. This upgrade extends to feature-rich function ports, including a dedicated 3 Pin Laser Port, Air Assistance Pump Port, and MPG Port, presenting users with a myriad of choices and heightened flexibility for their CNC projects. These refined function ports empower users to tailor the machine to their exact specifications, amplifying its versatility and overall convenience. Whether the task demands a laser port for precision engraving or an air assistance pump port for effective cooling, the 4040-PRO stands ready to deliver a seamless and customized experience.

Genmitsu CNC Machine: Easy Assembly

Streamlining the assembly process, the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO emerges as an exemplar of efficiency with all primary components meticulously pre-assembled. Remarkably, the entire assembly procedure can be accomplished in a mere 15 minutes, catapulting users swiftly into the realm of project realization. The spoilboard, a pivotal element, manifests as a harmonious amalgamation of two distinct MDF boards, offering a unique advantage—individual replacement. Bid farewell to the need for an entire spoilboard replacement when a singular panel succumbs to damage.

The expeditious assembly extends beyond mere convenience; it acts as a gateway to customization. Facilitating seamless upgrades, users can augment the machine with additional spindle mounts, integrate a laser module, or incorporate various accessories. This adaptability transforms the machine into a bespoke tool, attuned to the specific requirements of individual users, enhancing its overall versatility and user-friendly nature.

Genmitsu 4040-PRO CNC: Accuracy

Scoring an impressive 4 out of 5 for accuracy, the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO stands as a steadfast companion for projects demanding precision. This elevated level of accuracy not only signifies its reliability but also underscores its capability to seamlessly navigate through intricate tasks. The machine’s precision prowess is further fortified by its innovative steel HSS frame, introducing a new echelon of stability and accuracy.

Enhancing its precision arsenal, the 4040-PRO integrates upgraded function ports, amplifying its capability to execute every cut, carve, or engraving with unparalleled accuracy. This amalgamation of cutting-edge features positions the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO as an indispensable tool, ensuring that users achieve the pinnacle of precision in their creative endeavors.

Genmitsu 4040-PRO CNC: Beginner-Friendly

Scoring a commendable 4 out of 5 for beginners, the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO emerges as a stellar choice for individuals venturing into the realm of CNC machines. This rating attests to its user-friendly attributes, making it an outstanding selection for newcomers delving into the intricacies of CNC machining.

The 4040-PRO’s seamless assembly process and thoughtfully designed interface position it as an optimal companion for those taking their first steps in CNC machining. Its inherent accuracy and versatile functionality ensure that beginners can embark on a diverse array of projects with confidence, fostering skill development and bolstering self-assurance throughout their learning journey.

Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 4040-PRO

Genmitsu 4040 Pros

The Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO boasts an expansive working area measuring 15.7” x 15.7” x 3.1”, offering substantial space for a myriad of daily CNC projects.

Introducing a completely reimagined frame structure, the machine incorporates two 16mm Steel HSS linear tubes for each axis, along with a lead screw motion drive, dual Y-axis rails, and an all-metal frame. This design ensures heightened rigidity, establishing a foundation for unparalleled stability and accuracy in CNC operations.

Enhanced by Toshiba TB6S109 drivers featuring 32-bit chips, the 4040-PRO showcases an augmented power profile alongside extended function ports. These include a dedicated 3 Pin Laser Port, Air Assistance Pump Port, and MPG Port, delivering increased potency with a whisper-quiet operation.

Genmitsu 4040 Cons

The bundled software with the 4040-PRO may pose compatibility challenges for certain users, necessitating the exploration of alternative software solutions.

Designed with a power rating of 75 Watts and a bed size limited to 15.75 inches square, the 4040-PRO may not be optimal for large-scale projects demanding higher power capacities and more extensive workspaces.

In some instances, users might encounter a subtle noise during axis movements, a factor to consider for those prioritizing noise reduction in their CNC machining environment.

Genmitsu 4040-PRO CNC Specifications

Embracing innovation, the 4040-PRO CNC router boasts a new Steel HSS Frame characterized by a redesigned structure featuring two 16mm Steel HSS linear tubes per axis and a lead screw motion drive. This, coupled with dual Y-axis rails and an all-metal frame, fortifies the machine’s stability and precision, ensuring steadfast milling operations.

Built on the foundation of the open-source Grbl v1.1, the 4040-PRO elevates its performance by integrating powerful yet silent Toshiba TB6S109 drivers armed with 32-bit chips. Enhanced functionalities extend to dedicated ports like the 3 Pin Laser Port, Air Assistance Pump Port, and MPG Port, broadening the machine’s capabilities.

Effortless assembly is a hallmark, with most main components pre-assembled, requiring a mere 15 minutes to complete the setup. The spoilboard, crafted from two individual MDF boards, allows for individual replacement, eliminating the need to substitute the entire spoilboard in case of panel damage.

The 4040-PRO CNC machine arrives with 42mm and 52mm spindle mounts, offering flexibility. Additional upgrades such as the 65mm (B0BRZSY475), 69mm (B0BRZSVVK3) spindle mounts, laser modules, and other accessories are available for customization based on specific requirements, providing users with tailored solutions. Seek guidance from the SainSmart Resource Centre or reach out to our team for any queries that may arise.

Furthermore, this machine supports the integration of the 4th-axis rotary module kit, enabling the 4040-PRO desktop CNC to carve from diverse angles and positions. Coupled with compatible software, this kit opens avenues for full 3D rotary carving, expanding the creative horizons for users.

This cutting-edge machine boasts an expansive working area measuring 15.7” x 15.7” x 3.1” coupled with a novel high-rigidity structure that guarantees steadfast stability and impeccable precision.

Working Area15.7” x 15.7” x 3.1” (400 x 400 x 80 mm)
Frame StructureSteel HSS Frame
Linear TubesTwo 16mm Steel HSS Linear Tubes
Drive SystemLead Screw Motion Drive
RailsDual Y Axis Rails
Frame MaterialAll-Metal Frame
Spindle Power75 Watts
DriversToshiba TB6S109 Drivers with 32-bit Chips
Function Ports3 Pin Laser Port, Air Assistance Pump Port, MPG Port
Assembly TimeApproximately 15 Minutes
Spoilboard MaterialMDF Boards


In the realm of CNC routers, the Genmitsu CNC Machine emerges as an exemplary mid-range option, strategically positioned for enthusiasts seeking heightened power and dimensions beyond the budgetary constraints of a 3018 CNC. Striking a balance between precision and accessibility, this machine distinguishes itself as a compelling choice, especially for those who find the leap to models like the 4030XL or other competitive CNCs a financial stretch.

Its hallmark lies in accuracy, boasting a sweet spot for daily projects that demand a touch more capability. The assembly process is a breeze, catering to both novices and seasoned users. Furthermore, the allure of diverse upgrade pathways enhances its appeal, providing a scalable solution that evolves with user expertise. For beginners navigating the CNC landscape or individuals pursuing routine projects, my resounding recommendation is the Genmitsu CNC Machine—an embodiment of reliability and versatility.

FAQ Router Machine 4040-PRO

FAQ Genmitsu CNC

What size is the Genmitsu 4040 pro?

The Genmitsu 4040-PRO CNC machine typically has approximate dimensions of around 26.4 x 25.2 x 20.9 inches (or 670 x 640 x 530 mm) for its length, width, and height, respectively. However, specific measurements might slightly vary based on different versions or configurations within the Genmitsu 4040-PRO series.

Is the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO easy to assemble?

Yes, with all main components pre-assembled, the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO offers a streamlined assembly process that can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. The incorporation of a pre-assembled module for the XZ Axis Gantry and Base Assembly significantly reduces the effort required for assembly. The spoilboard, composed of two replaceable MDF boards, adds to the ease of assembly. This thoughtful design ensures that each MDF board can be replaced individually, eliminating the need to replace the entire spoilboard in case of damage to a single panel. Overall, the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO provides users with a quick and hassle-free setup, allowing them to dive into their projects with minimal delay.

Is the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO suitable for beginners?

Certainly, the Genmitsu CNC Machine 4040-PRO is a highly suitable option for beginners venturing into the realm of CNC machining. With a user-friendly design and a straightforward assembly process that takes as little as 15 minutes, this CNC machine is well-suited for those new to CNC technology.

The machine’s simplicity in setup, along with a well-written instruction manual, ensures that beginners can quickly grasp the basics of operating a CNC machine without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. Additionally, the 4040-PRO has received a score of 4 out of 5 for beginners, indicating its ease of use and accessibility for those who are just starting with CNC machining.

The accuracy and versatility of the Genmitsu CNC Machine further contribute to its appeal for beginners, enabling them to embark on a variety of projects with confidence and gradually build their skills in CNC machining.

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