Xtool D1 Laser Engraving Machine Review: Make Your Personalization Perfected In 2024

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Unleash the Power Within: Exploring the Capabilities of xTool D1 Laser Engraver

Curiosity piqued? Let’s dive into the intricacies of xTool D1, where laser output power takes the form of a formidable 10W, accentuating its cutting prowess. Coupled with a machine power of 60W, this laser machine stands poised to exceed your expectations.

The xTool D1 is a desktop laser engraver with varying reviews and opinions depending on individual needs and expectations. Whether it’s worth it depends on factors like your specific use case, budget, and desired features.

xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraver: Precision, Power, and Versatility Unveiled!

In the realm of laser engraving technology, few offerings match the caliber of the xTool D1 Pro series. Renowned for its precision, power, and versatility, these cutting-edge machines redefine the standards for detailed and intricate engravings, making them a go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Key Points

  1. Comprehensive Overview of xTool D1 Pro Series: The xTool D1 Pro series boasts an impressive array of options, with models ranging from the 5W to the 20W variants. Each model stands distinguished by its laser power, engraving accuracy, cutting capabilities, and an expansive working area that caters to diverse user needs.
  2. Highlighting Cutting-Edge Features: These machines house an impressive suite of advanced features, including ultrafine engraving line thickness, enhanced motion accuracy, and a multifaceted material handling ability. The xTool D1 Pro series effortlessly maneuvers through an array of materials, from wood to metals, guaranteeing unmatched precision in engraving.
  3. Engraving Capabilities and Software Compatibility: Delving into the machines’ engraving prowess, the article illuminates the groundbreaking dual laser technology that produces vibrant colors through laser oxidization. Furthermore, the machines seamlessly integrate with renowned software like LightBurn, supporting various file formats for an extensive range of engraving options.
  4. Expanding Possibilities with Accessories and Enhancements: Beyond the core features, the xTool D1 Pro series offers a spectrum of accessories such as honeycomb bases, enclosures, rotary attachments, and risers. Each accessory acts as a gateway to expand engraving possibilities, allowing users to explore their creativity without limitations.
  5. Customer Testimonials and Reviews: To provide a tangible perspective, the article incorporates insights from user reviews and testimonials. These firsthand accounts shed light on users’ satisfaction levels with the machine’s performance, ease of operation, and the superior quality of the engravings produced.
  6. Operational Aspects and FAQs: Addressing the operational aspects, the article meticulously covers laser focus adjustments, safety mechanisms like limit switches and flame detection, along with frequently asked questions. It aims to offer clarity on materials compatibility, the necessity of accessories, detailed machine model comparisons, and more.


The 5W laser engraver output power and 36W machine power determine the machine’s cutting capacity. This versatile laser engraver and cutter handles most products, effortlessly cutting 3mm wood in one pass. Tailored for beginners interested in exploring the world of laser engraving and cutting.

For precision engraving, the laser cutter boasts a 0.06mm*0.06mm ultra-fine compression spot, perfect for intricate patterns on wood and metal with minimal burn marks. Leveraging high-power laser modules and upgraded algorithms, it achieves a blazing processing speed of 400 mm/s or 24000mm/m.

Leading the industry, this laser cutter secures a Red Dot Design Award and integrates X/Y axis limit switches in four directions. These switches guide the machine head and warn against potential collisions, ensuring safe operation. Seamlessly start your journey with the intuitive xTool Creative Space and LightBurn software. Our XCS Free software offers an array of sample projects, access to 500+ elements, 30+ fonts, and pre-set parameters for various materials.

Prioritize safety with the anti-UV filter acrylic guarding the machine module, blocking 97% of harmful UV rays to protect your eyes and those nearby. Equipped with an alarm system, the engraver alerts you if it detects fire during operation.

xTool D1 Pro Review


The xTool D1 Pro, a diode laser engraver, stands out as an outstanding entry point for both laser engraving and cutting endeavors. It transcends the label of a mere affordable diode laser, evolving into an ideal tool for beginners, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Noteworthy Features

One of the machine’s distinctive attributes lies in its robust aluminum construction, elevating its quality. The 10W model, subject to this review, embodies capability, while an available 20W option further extends its potential. Moreover, a recently introduced 40W variant caters to those with more demanding needs.

Performance and Versatility

Contrasting diode lasers with CO2 counterparts elucidates trade-offs in functionality. While CO2 lasers handle acrylics adeptly but require additives for metal marking, diode lasers like the xTool D1 Pro excel at marking stainless steel and even cutting thin metals with the 20W module.

Price and Accessibility

The xTool D1 Pro fills a niche in the market, offering an affordable but quality package tailored for laser cutting essentials. Its design, featuring cartesian stepper motors and an extrusion-type build, echoes simplicity, making it a viable choice for beginners diving into laser cutting.


To enhance the overall experience, investing in LightBurn, albeit at an additional cost, proves worthwhile. However, it’s crucial to note that the machine lacks enclosure or ventilation, necessitating additional measures for noxious materials.

xTool D1 Laser Engraver

Is the xTool D1 worth it?

Pros of the xTool D1

  1. Compact Size: It’s a desktop-sized machine, suitable for small spaces and personal use.
  2. Ease of Use: Many users find it relatively easy to set up and operate.
  3. Compatibility: It’s compatible with various materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, and more.
  4. Innovative Diode Laser: xTool D1 houses an innovative diode laser that elevates its output prowess. With two laser sources in the 10W module, the beams converge through a synthetic lens and are further condensed at a minuscule spot by a convex lens, enhancing the laser’s potency to that of a 15W module. Additionally, the company offers the world’s most robust laser module, boasting four laser sources.
  5. High Accuracy and Precision: Demonstrating praiseworthy accuracy, the xTool D1 compresses laser beams into an ultra-fine 0.08 x 0.08mm spot, crafting minute yet distinct engravings. Its precision extends to 0.06mm, ensuring clarity and accuracy, even with intricate details.
  6. Long Life Span: Designed for durability, the xTool D1 leverages diode laser technology known for its longevity compared to CO2 laser machines. The robust steel frame, as opposed to aluminum commonly used in other lasers, provides maximum durability. Its steel components can support over 100,000 slides, tripling the machine’s lifespan compared to plastic parts.
  7. Excellent Repeat Positioning Accuracy: Offering unmatched repeat positioning accuracy of less than 0.02mm, the xTool D1’s robust all-steel frame and wheels maintain precision, ensuring consistency over extended use. Adjustable synchronous belts tighten potential movement gaps, further enhancing stability and precision.
  8. Large Engraving Area: The xTool D1 accommodates a sizeable 432 x 406mm engraving area, allowing for diverse object engravings without needing object repositioning, streamlining the process.
  9. User-Friendly: Ideal for beginners, the xTool D1 simplifies laser engraving with its straightforward functionality. Its software, Laserbox Basic, designed by xTool, caters to both novices and professionals. The availability of video tutorials, quick start guides, and project tutorials further enhances its user-friendliness.
  10. Material Compatibility: Versatile in its capabilities, the xTool D1 seamlessly engraves various materials like plywood, wood, leather, metals, paper, acrylic, fabric, rock, glass, ceramics, and even performs cutting tasks with ease.

Cons of the xTool D1

  1. Limited Power: Being a desktop model, it might have limitations in terms of power and engraving/cutting depth.
  2. Price: While it’s more affordable compared to larger industrial machines, it might still be relatively expensive for some users.
  3. Limitations in the Current Version: Some limitations persist in the current xTool D1 model, soon to be addressed in the updated version, the D1 Pro.
  4. Mobile App Limitation: At present, the mobile application, “Laserbox for xTool,” exclusively supports engraving, lacking cutting functionalities. However, efforts are ongoing to integrate cutting features into future versions.
  5. Absence of Limit Switch: The current xTool D1 lacks a limit switch, causing minor positional variations in engravings. However, the upcoming version will incorporate this feature to ensure precise engraving.
  6. Lack of an Emergency Button: For immediate machine shutdown in emergencies, an emergency stop button is absent on the xTool D1. Despite this, the machine includes other safety features, halting operations in unforeseen situations like accidental impacts.
  7. Software Limitations: Some users report limitations or complexity in the software provided.

Before deciding if the xTool D1 is worth it for you, consider your specific requirements. If you need a smaller, easy-to-use engraving machine for personal or hobby use and the features align with your needs, it might be a good choice. However, if you require higher power, larger work areas, or specific software capabilities, you might need to explore other options.

The xTool D1, a desktop laser engraver, presents a compelling choice for many enthusiasts and hobbyists venturing into the world of laser engraving. Its compact size makes it a favored option for those seeking a versatile and user-friendly machine that doesn’t require excessive space. Users appreciate its straightforward setup and relatively hassle-free operation, making it an ideal choice for individuals exploring laser engraving for the first time.

One of its notable advantages lies in its compatibility with various materials. From wood to acrylic and leather, the xTool D1 offers the flexibility to work with diverse materials, enabling users to create intricate designs and patterns on different surfaces.

However, certain limitations should also be considered. Its desktop size inevitably implies certain power limitations and restricted engraving or cutting depths compared to larger industrial-grade machines. Moreover, while it’s more affordable than larger models, the price might still be a decisive factor for some potential buyers. Additionally, some users have reported software limitations, suggesting that the provided software might have certain restrictions or complexities that could potentially affect its usability.

Therefore, whether the xTool D1 is worth investing in depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re in search of a compact, user-friendly laser engraving machine suitable for small-scale projects and don’t require high-power industrial capabilities, the xTool D1 could indeed be a valuable addition. Yet, if you’re looking for a machine with higher power and broader functionalities, you might need to explore other options to meet your requirements. Researching thoroughly, reading comprehensive reviews, and, if feasible, witnessing demonstrations or samples of the machine’s performance can aid in making an informed decision regarding its suitability for your purposes.

Laser engraving, born roughly five decades ago, was long reserved for select entities due to high costs, substantial machinery, and safety concerns. Establishing a home-based or small-scale laser engraving venture was once a formidable endeavor. However, within the last 5-10 years, numerous companies have aimed to introduce portable desktop laser engravers, making this technology accessible to a wider audience.

xTool, a brainchild of Makeblock, stands as one such pioneering entity, introducing pocket-friendly, user-friendly, and space-efficient laser engraving machines. Renowned for its expertise in coding, robotics manufacturing, and education, Makeblock birthed the xTool brand, revolutionizing laser engraving by offering a safe platform for kids to engrave and cut their creations.

Among the four laser engraving and cutting tools introduced by xTool, the xTool D1, unveiled in 2021, swiftly became a bestseller. This product holds its ground as one of the preferred choices in the laser engraver market due to its innovation and outstanding performance.

The xTool D1, a desktop diode laser engraving and cutting machine, stands out as the recipient of the Red Dot Award in 2022, solidifying its place as one of the market’s most innovative and creative engravers. Ideal for initiating a laser engraving business, appealing to DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, professionals, and artists alike, the xTool D1 simplifies and ensures the safety of laser cutting and engraving processes.

SpecificationsxTool D1 10WxTool D1 5W
Machine Power60W36W
Laser Electric Power40W25W
Laser Module Output Power10W5W
Laser Spot0.08 x 0.08 mm (0.003 x 0.003 inch)0.08 x 0.08 mm (0.003 x 0.003 inch)
Wavelength455 ±5 nm455 ±5 nm
Routing Speed10,000mm/min10,000mm/min
Working Area432 x 406 mm (17 x 16 inch)432 x 406 mm (17 x 16 inch)
Max Workpiece Height50 mm (2 inch)50 mm (2 inch)
Max Workpiece Height with Risers50mm x 45mm (each set riser height column)50mm x 45mm (each set riser height column)
Voltage Input100-240V 50-60HZ100-240V 50-60HZ
Voltage Output12V 3A (36W)12V 5.5A (60W)
Connecting InterfacesUSB, Wi-Fi, TF cardUSB, Wi-Fi, TF card
CertificationFCC, FDA, CEFCC, FDA, CE
Operating SystemsWindows, macOS, Android, iOSWindows, macOS, Android, iOS
Control SoftwareLaserbox Software, Laserbox App, LightBurnLaserbox Software, Laserbox App, LightBurn
File TypesSVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.
Product Weight5kg5kg
Package Weight6kg6kg
Product Size (L x W x H)600 x 590 x 150 mm (23.6 x 23.2 x 5.9 inch)600 x 590 x 150 mm (23.6 x 23.2 x 5.9 inch)
Package Size (L x W x H)620 x 345 x 130 mm (24.4 x 13.6 x 5 inch)620 x 345 x 130 mm (24.4 x 13.6 x 5 inch)

xTool D1 Laser Engraver

How to Set Up xTool D1

  1. Unbox the parcel, ensuring the inclusion of the following items:
  • Front, rear, middle, left, and right plates
  • Optical shaft components
  • Power cable, adapter, motor, and laser cables
  • Laser module and USB cable
  • Lubricant and safety goggles
  1. Follow the video tutorial for assembly guidance:
  • Affix the plates together using screws.
  • Install the optical shaft components.
  • Connect motor and laser cables to the main board.
  • Adjust belt tightness and connect power and computer to the machine.

xTool D1 Features

  1. High Speed: Operating at a routing speed of 10,000mm/minute, the xTool D1 surpasses other diode laser machines. The 20W module offers unparalleled speed, swiftly cutting objects in a single pass, saving valuable time.
  2. Specialized Software: The Laserbox Basic software, compatible with Windows and macOS, simplifies operations for beginners. With comprehensive guides available, the software consolidates all necessary features and parameter settings.
  3. Interchangeable Laser Modules: xTool offers three modules—5W, 10W, and 20W—for users to swap as per their needs, balancing power and precision.
  4. Rotary Engraving: xTool D1 accommodates engraving on cylindrical objects using a rotary attachment, RA2 Pro, the world’s first 4-in-1 rotary attachment, ensuring precise engravings on various cylindrical items.
  5. Data Transfer Options: Transfer data through Wi-Fi, USB cable, TF card, or the dedicated software.
  6. Easy Focus Adjustment: The adjustable laser module features a focus lever, simplifying focus adjustment, eliminating inefficiencies in engraving and cutting tasks.
  7. Offline Control: Operating offline via a TF card, the xTool D1 remains functional without an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted work sessions.

Accessories and Attachments for xTool D1

  1. World’s Most Powerful Diode Laser Module: The 20W module, featuring four laser emitting sources, enhances cutting capacities, even managing 8-10mm plywood in one pass.
  2. Rotary Attachment 2 Pro: This versatile 4-in-1 rotary attachment handles cylindrical engravings with precision, accommodating up to 99 different objects.
  3. Risers: Adjust the machine’s height using risers, offering flexibility for engraving larger objects.

Pricing of xTool D1

See the price on Amazon

xTool D1 with a 5W module: $439 xTool D1 with a 10W module: $619

Additional accessories available at varying prices include honeycomb panels, air assist sets, and the 20W laser module, allowing users to augment their machine’s capabilities.

Buyers Guide: Is xTool D1 Worth the Price?

Absolutely. Despite minor limitations, the xTool D1 presents an excellent investment. Offering durability, precision, and versatility, this machine remains unparalleled in its price range. Boasting a powerful diode laser module and extensive material compatibility, it serves as an ideal choice for beginners, small businesses, and professionals alike.

Final Words

The xTool D1 stands as an exemplary laser engraver and cutter, incorporating a myriad of innovative features. Despite a few drawbacks, the machine excels in functionality, ease of use, and safety. Its competitive price, coupled with its outstanding capabilities, makes it an invaluable tool for diverse users. For both novices and seasoned professionals seeking an affordable, powerful, and reliable laser engraving machine, the xTool D1 emerges as an ideal choice.

In conclusion, the xTool D1 Pro series emerges as an epitome of precision, versatility, and innovation within the laser engraving sphere. Encouraging readers to explore the machine’s capabilities, the article empowers them to make informed decisions in their pursuit of elevating engraving experiences to unmatched levels of quality and finesse.

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