Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX V2 CNC Router Machine

Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX V2 CNC Router Machine

Introducing the Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX V2 CNC Router Machine: an innovation that sets a new standard in precision and versatility.

This upgraded iteration stands tall on its solid foundation, boasting a robust 4040 Y-axis profile and a meticulously crafted one-piece machined and molded aluminum spoilboard, now equipped with a measurement scale. The enhanced dual steel X-axis guide rail, enveloped in an enclosed mold material along with the addition of a new X-axis back plate, embodies a remarkably fortified design, ensuring unparalleled stability.

Genmitsu 3020 Revamped Z-axis structure

Revolutionizing the Z-axis assembly, the integrated molded Z-axis C-mount drastically elevates stability when juxtaposed with its predecessor. The revamped Z-axis structure simplifies spindle upgrades, streamlining the enhancement process for an effortless user experience.

Ease of setup takes center stage with an optimized layout featuring the power supply smartly situated on the backplate of the X-axis, optimizing workspace efficiency. The pre-assembled XZ Axis Gantry module and Base Assembly serve as a time-saving boon. Streamlined wiring organization and a pre-assembled drag chain minimize effort, necessitating only the final connections to the ports, ensuring a hassle-free CNC endeavor.

Genmitsu 3020 Hardware

Advancing its functionality while staying rooted in the open-source Grbl V1.1 platform, the 3020-PRO MAX V2 CNC router now boasts high-powered Toshiba TB6S109 drivers empowered by 32-bit chips, resulting in a marked performance enhancement. Notable upgrades include the integration of extended function ports, notably a dedicated 3 Pin Laser Port, Air Assistance Pump Port, and MPG Port, bestowing users with unmatched versatility across diverse applications.

The Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX V2 CNC router embodies an all-inclusive package, offering a comprehensive solution bundled into a single package. Its array of upgraded components includes an enhanced offline controller, 6pcs XYZ axis limit switches, emergency stop switches, photoelectric Z-probe, and more, delivering exceptional returns on investment. This CNC router not only exceeds expectations but redefines the landscape of precision craftsmanship.

Genmitsu 3020 Upgraded Height

With an upgraded design featuring a heightened Z Height of 72mm, dual steel X-axis guide rails, and an all-aluminum spindle holder hosting a powerful 300W spindle, this CNC router is tailored for metal carving, offering unparalleled versatility across various metals like brass, copper, and 6061 aluminum.

The revamped linear guide structure and 4040 Y-axis profiles not only elevate engraving accuracy but also reinforce processing strength, eradicating typical Z-axis wobble issues common in other desktop CNC machines.

Crafted from a single machined and molded aluminum piece, the design ensures a flat and sturdy work platform, while an integrated measurement scale facilitates precise material positioning. Compatible with most CNC clamps available, it enhances user convenience and adaptability.

What’s the Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX Package?

The Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX comes as a comprehensive package, encompassing all necessary accessories and components at an affordable price. This inclusive bundle comprises an offline controller, XYZ axis limit switches, emergency stop switches, Z-probe, and more, catering to all your CNC needs. The impressive XYZ Working Area of 300 x 200 x 72mm (11.8 x 7.9 x 2.8 inches) offers ample space for your projects.

Facilitating ease of assembly, the pre-assembled XZ Axis Gantry and Base Assembly drastically reduce installation efforts. With just three primary installation steps and wiring, you’re all set to dive into carving your intricate projects. Equipped with manual jog wheels, all stepper motors ensure easy adjustment and precise positioning of your spindle or stock material.

Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX V2 CNC Router Machine

What size is a Genmitsu 3020 Pro?

The Genmitsu 3020 Pro CNC Router typically comes in different variants that might have slight variations in their physical dimensions. However, a common size for the Genmitsu 3020 Pro CNC Router is approximately 15.7 x 9.4 x 7.9 inches (or 400 x 240 x 200 mm) for its length, width, and height, respectively. It’s important to note that there might be slight differences in sizes among specific models or versions within the Genmitsu 3020 Pro series.

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